10 reasons why you should come to Perpignan to improve your french

  • Perpignan is a city with lots of cafés, restaurants and bars, where it is easy to meet friends or local people

terrasse café perpignan

  • Perpignan is situated 30 minutes from the Spanish border, so you have the possibility to travel easily by Barcelona (Barcelona is 2 hours away by car and we have direct train connections)
  • Easy access, Perpignan has an international airport (1h15 from Paris or London), an international trainstation (hightspeed train connection with Paris (5h), Barcelona (1h)), and a bus station (international and local connections)


  • There are many sports venues in Perpignan, gyms, tennis, football and rugby fields, where you can keep yourself in shape
  • Perpignan is a moderate-sized city with a historic center, where it is easy to stroll around on its small streets
  • Perpignan is 10 minutes from the sea and one hour away from mountains. You can wonder these every day – taking a French course in the morning and going to the beach in the afternoon for example


  • Perpignan is an artistic and historical city: the center of the world according to Dali: there are concerts, festivals happening all around the year. The city is full of museums, expositions and charming places typical for the south of France. Perpignan was the capital of the Kingdom of Majorca in the 12th century : the palace of the Kingdom is worth a visit


  • Our professors are all native speakers, they are all French
  • With more than 16 years of experience in French, we obtain very good results
  • ALFMED is an exam center for the French comprehension tests in order to obtain the French citizenship or a French residence permit