ALFMED leader in France for hosting VET participants

ALFMED leader in France for hosting VET (Vocational Educational Training) participants*

This has been possible thanks to our long-term collaboration with European sending organizations and our extensive network of host companies in Perpignan region

  • Infography results from #15 Observatoire Erasmus edited by the French NA 

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Our assets: 

  • A highly professional and multilingual team, which is involved at all steps of the mobility program in strict compliance with the Erasmus Quality Charter
  • a complete welcome and assistance package that includes pre-departure interviews, a proven “student-enterprise matching” system to optimize the professional experience, accommodation in Erasmus residences, a complete socio-cultural integration module upon arrival, 24/7 follow-up of participants, strict application of the validation procedure for learning outcomes at the end of the Mobility
  • a ‘win-win’ philosophy that we implement at each steps of the selection process so that both the host company and the participant can meet their own expectations
  • WBL programs of 3 to 13 weeks: we take care of all the administrative and follow-up aspects

95% of our host companies are loyal and regularly welcome our Erasmus students. Each year our network grows and expands into new sectors

100% of our European partners have been loyal to us for 15 years and despite the deceleration of the French language in Europe, they continue to promote Perpignan as one of the best destinations in France. As you can see on the map, Perpignan [where Alfmed is the sole player (vs other 2 big cities where several org are active) ] stands as the main destination for VET europeans.  

The language barrier? How can a French company hire a student who does not speak French or who is not fluent? Depending on the sector, the ‘professional gesture’ prevails, for other sectors the use of English/Spanish makes communication possible with the trainees. The strong points of the concept : we expect strong motivation / desire to learn / adaptability , and for this we rely on our partners to achieve candidates selection.