Mobilityteach Summer School

The Mobiliteach Project is a strategic partners’ project, KA2 ERASMUS+.
The aim of this project is to encourage exchanges of experience between partner organisations which are already ACTIVE in professional training mobility programmes: be it a professional High School or an outward bound coordinator or a receiving institution.
The goal of these exchanges:
 each of us has a crucial role to play in organising the mobilities; it is, therefore necessary to get to know each other better;
 in accordance with our own experience, each of us can pass on his best practices, so each partner can gain in professionalism.
For this reason, we have put together a 5-day programme and we invite the partner schools to share best practises in an interactive educational way, in a European environment, with 6 countries featured and English as the working language.

What is the expected impact of this first experience?
• to get to know each other better, to live an Erasmus mobility
• to facilitate management of the mobilities
• to foster schools’ internationalisation
• to enhance the skills of our teams
• to understand the problems faced at each stage of the mobility
• to understand the issues raised for the schools
• to understand the difficulties faced by foreign partners who find the work placements
• to understand the difficulties faced by the coordinators of the Consortia
• to develop a European template of a ‘MobiliTeach’ module so as to organise training for Professional teaching personnel (VET staff) intended for a Consortium, a vocational school, a new Erasmus referent, etc.

Mobilityteach Summer School
Mobilityteach Summer School

For your information, please find below the list of partners for this 2-year project:
C.O.P.A.E. ILIS – a partner active in the domains of youth, education and training, GREECE
EPAL LECHAINON – a professional training school, GREECE
ROC da Vinci College – a professional training school, NETHERLANDS
INCOMA – an international mobilities agency in Seville, SPAIN
Foyle International – a language school and active partner in ERASMUS+ projects (like Alfmed), NORTHERN IRELAND
I.S.I.S.S. Magnaghi – a professional training school in the catering, tourism and agriculture sectors, ITALY
Uniser Soc. Coop – association active dans les projets de mobilités, éducation, formation et jeunesse, ITALIE

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Throughout the project, meetings are organised by each of the partners in order to set up this first training programme in September 2019 in Greece; followed by a second programme in July 2020 in Seville.
The meeting in Perpignan will take place in 2020 and the COPROMOB team will, of course, be invited.
Throughout the MOBILITEACH programme, each of the partners will be represented by at least 2 or 3 members of their teams or by their local partner.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Project of the European Union. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.