Mobiliteach – In-depth sectoral specialization of VET teachers

The EU has set the ambitious goals to “promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, to find pathways to create new jobs and to offer a sense of direction to our societies” (2010). As the world becomes more interconnected and competitive and as research and technological know-how expands, new opportunities along with more complex societal challenges arise. Overcoming these challenges will require all citizens to have a better understanding of science and technology if they are to participate actively and responsibly in science-informed decision-making and knowledge based innovation.

Furthermore CEDEFOP reported recurrent shortages of STEM related skills in European economy. STEM skills attainment is not confined to higher education level but rather can be acquired through upper and post-secondary school-based VET and also through apprenticeships in several countries.

The project “Mobiliteach – In-depth sectoral specialization of VET teachers” aims at increasing the quality and efficacy of VET provision improving didactics and developing WBL European development strategies. Specifically developing and integrate cross-disciplinary didactics in VET provision and improve VET teachers and managers relevant competences; integrate work based learning mobility experiences in students curricula and improve VET teachers and managers relevant competences; structure collaborative international network among VET providers, mobility experts, education institutions and companies.

The partnership is characterized by the presence of VET providers, VET mobility experts and education institutions from 6 countries.

The project address mainly VET teachers, managers and administrative staff. It will reach indirectly VET students, business actors, educative institutions, public authorities in the field of education.

Methodologies approaches are the main elements of innovation in the project: interdisciplinarity, collegiality and experience based approaches are geared toward the creation of a cross-disciplinary training methodology for teachers. The project will deliver a innovative training prototype designed, tested and developed through 5 international coordination meetings and the joint-staff training events. The training prototype for VET teachers is aimed to be replied in local, regional, national and European after the project end.

Specific project results are: a cross-disciplinary training methodology for VET providers will be developed, tested and delivered by the project; teachers increase their knowledge on crossdisciplinary approaches and apply them to their teaching methodologies; managers increase their knowledge on cross-disciplinary courses and integrate them to their school didactics; three training events in which the partners will put together their best practices to develop and test a crossdisciplinary methodology for a training prototype for VET teachers; teachers increase their knowledge on how to plan, organise, manage and evaluate high quality WBL experiences in mobility.

The project is focused on helping managers increase their knowledge on WBL mobility project and integrate them in school programmes and students curricula; developing and test a training methodology interactive and based on experience and reality: teachers and mobility experts staff will be put in places of students when participating in a mobility internship abroad; increased collaboration among VET educational system key actors to improve didactics and students curricula; partners’ internationalisation strategies and European development plans are developed/updated and implemented with the involvement of local network of stakeholders; VET providers staff and mobility experts will put in practice knowledge and competences acquired by producing development strategies after participating in transnational activities and in collaboration with local stakeholders (especially other schools and business actors); innovative forms of cross-disciplinary approaches and WBL in mobility are identified, shared, integrated and tested by participating organisations.

The project’s impact at local, regional, national and European level is based on the creation of networks of stakeholders, and the intense dissemination activities foreseen. Every partner will be in charge during the entire length of the project of establishing a network of stakeholders which have interest in improving the quality of VET. This networking process will also be part of the training modules taught in trainings as well as activities carried out in local working groups with stakeholders for the development of participated didactic and internationalisation plans.


“Mobiliteach – In-depth sectoral specialization of VET teachers” is a project led by ALFMED.

Participating Organisations

The MOBILITEACH VET project brings 6 participants together from 6 different countries:  France, Italy, Greece, Albany, Germany and Portugal. These professionals represent all various occupational centers involved in ERASMUS+.

The project is launched and coordinated by:

  • ALFMED Language Academy – France

Other partners involved:

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Project of the European Union. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.