ALFMED hosts a goup of students from Alghero

Ceremony at City Hall – Jaume Roure surrounded by our ALFMED students

Meeting with Magali Pagès who spoke about the Catalan culture

The whole group of students & the entire ALFMED team

ALFMED hosted Sardinian students taking part in a collaborative project between the town council of Perpignan and the Institute Font Nova. Over a period of 3 weeks the young people learned about French language and culture, but above all, they looked at the history of the town of Perpignan and worked on a particular project: “On the trail of the Catalan in Perpignan…what is left of it?”

Having arrived on Sunday morning 24th January at the Résidence Malibuthe students settled into apartments shared by three. No sooner had they unpacked and they were off on the bus to Canet beach and lunch at “Keiko”, a restaurant on the beach. They also explored the town of Canet on a guided tour.

Monday, January 25th – ALFMED hosted 20 enthusiastic Italian students, eager to attend their first French lessons.

Tuesday, January 26th – Language lab and French followed by lunch at Lou Grilladou. In the afternoon they visited the city.

Wednesday 27th January – We met Magali Pagès who spoke to us about Catalan culture, traditions and customs.

Thursday, January 28th – In the morning there were French lessons for all of the young people, in the afternoon we visited the Palace of the Kings of Majorca, l’Hôtel Pams, an old bourgeois house and la Casa Xanxo with a guide who only spoke Catalan.

Then we were met by the director of La Casa Generalitat de Perpignan. La Casa Generalitat is where the South Catalan government in North Catalonia is officially based. Afterwards, we went to dinner at the Bistrot du stade Aimé Giral, because we wanted to watch the rugby match where Perpignan’s team USAP was playing.

Friday, January 29th – in the morning we had French lessons, and in the afternoon we went to do the interviews for the project “On the traces of Catalan in Perpignan.”

Saturday, January 30th – we left Perpignan to go to Collioure. We had lunch in a typical Collioure restaurant and in the afternoon, we visited the Royal Castle.

Sunday, January 31st – In the morning we went to Villefranche and afterwards we went to Mont Louis, which is at 1500m of altitude, in order to spend a day in the snow.

Monday, February 1st – We started our internships in our various companies. I, Fabrizio , am working at ALFMED and one of my tasks is to write this article and to have it published on ALFMED’s website. Furthermore I am an intern assistant who is responsible for the reception of students, telephoning host families etc…

Laria and Elisa work in a nursery school, where they take care of children.

Valeria assists in organising the festival “Les Estivales”, which is a huge music festival that takes place in Perpignan during the summer.

Deborah works in the tourism office in Canet, where she welcomes and advises tourists.

Delia and Flavia work in the Malibu Hotel as waitresses and cope mainly with preparing the breakfast.

Annalisa and Elisa work for the multimedia library, where they carry out administrative tasks

Marco and Valentina work at the Font Nova institute, the Catalan multimedia training facility.

Some girls work as sales assistants in clothing and shoe shops. For example: Lorenza works in “Sinequanone”; Noemi and Marianna work in “Appartement 15”; Elisabetta works in “Régine” and Eliana works in “Bora Bora”.

Francesca works in the “Libreria Catalane” a Catalan bookshop. She assists the employees with arranging the books and serving customers. Irene Brau & Valentina have the same tasks in the bookshop « Chapitre » (Chapter).

Paolo works in the clothing shop “Soixante-six” (Sixty-six). He has frequent contact with the former USAP players.

Tuesday, February 2nd – Wednesday 3rd February – We worked in our various companies for our internships. In the evening we had leisure time, so we went shopping and relaxed

Thursday, February 4th – In the afternoon we went to the beautiful village Céret, where we first had lunch in a Catalan restaurant and then visited the town’s modern art museum.

Friday, February 5th – we worked at our internships until noon. After work we took advantage of our penultimate Friday in France.

Saturday, February 6th – We went to Montpellier, which is a very beautiful city. We had lunch there and discovered the town afterwards.

Sunday, February 7th – We stayed all day long in Canet and used the time to study and to work on our project.

Monday, February 8th – Thursday 11 February – We worked at our companies during the morning and the afternoon. After our work was done we went home to Canet and cleaned our apartments, we went to the supermarket to buy what we needed, or to a restaurant, where we had dinner together.

Friday, February 12th we went to ALFMED in the morning in order to finish our project, which we then presented in the afternoon, and assess our internships with Florence and Patrick. In the evening there was an “aperitif” at ALFMED.

Our students have brilliantly completed their various projects, they all left with fond memories, whether of learning French, their internships, Perpignan and the surrounding area, French or Catalan culture or Malibu Village … This project realized in cooperation with the School of Alghero, the City of Perpignan and the Institute Font Nova, is a great LEONARDO project which provides an opportunity for young people from modest backgrounds to discover a different country, but also a culture different to the Italian one. Some have held onto their dreams, others have made vacation plans. The team wishes to thank ALFMED again, Mr Jaume Roure and Mr Jaume POL who allowed us to offer quality internships to students and to discover extraordinary places in Perpignan, like the Hotel Pams. We again thank our partners “Formation Stages”, like “Libraire Chapître, Librairie Catalane, L’Institut Font Nova, Les Estivales, Appartement 15, Sinequanone, La bressolle, Le SoixanteSix, Régine Chaussures, the town council, the Tourisme Office of Canet & Hotel Malibu Village.

Thanks to everyone and above all to those 20 students who came straight from the Alguer and who, during their entire stay, brought us Italian kindness and zest for life!