Business Combination Program – description

> Based on the original teaching methods used by the Academy, the objective of this training module is to teach an audience composed of foreigners the essential principles of written and oral expression that will permit them to evolve in a French-speaking environment.
This combined program allows the student to complete his stay by an internship at a French company.

> Its duration is fixed at 4 weeks, of which :
– 2 weeks of courses and practical learning at the rate of a minimum of 20 hours per week
– 1 h of French for Business to prepare the interview with the company
– 2 weeks of full-time internship at a company. Students will be offered internships without pay at a company in Perpignan or its environs. Before the internship period, the Academy will offer students a selection of companies, operating substantially on an international level, among which they will make their choice and to which they will submit their applications according to French rules of drawing up of Curriculum Vitae and job interviewing.

Should the company offer so, students can even prolong this internship period by a period of remunerated employment beyond the scheduled dates of the stay. All insurance formalities are covered by the Academy. Before they depart for their internship location, supplementary Business French courses will be given to students who will choose this option.

> This program can be run over 8 and 12 weeks
It includes 4 weeks of Intensive French and 4 or 8 weeks of full time internship.
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> Apart from the theoretical spoken French comprehension, written and oral expression, and grammar courses organized at the premises of the Academy,
students are absorbed throughout their stay in French culture:
– excursions and educational visits supervised by a teacher
– active participation in local events
– discovery of French and regional culture, cinema, literature…
– visiting companies and comprehension of French economy

> ALFMED offers much more than a simple educational stay, a complete immersion in French culture, a human experience that is unique and rewarding for the future of the students.

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