GO+LEARN – French Immersion: what we provide

Presentazione del programma in italiano

At ALFMED, we believe the best way to learn French is by immersing yourself in French language and culture.

That is why we offer you our one month intensive French Language Immersion course!

GO+LEARN - French Immersion: what we provide

This program has been set up by ENAIP Friuli Venezia Giulia in collaboration with the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, thanks to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Social Fund and the European Union Social Fund.

ALFMED is specialized in French teaching; we use action-based pedagogical techniques to facilitate quick and easy learning!

How we do it?

  • Online French test upon registration
  • 20h of Intensive French/week , focused on oral skills
      • Courses are planned from Monday to Friday 4h daily that are built up upon Oral and Written competences using audio- video- play roles – linguistic platform
      • Some specific vocabulary and situations can be studied according to the participant profile
      • Learning material is provided
      • Language curricula are set up by ALTE/CEFR level, groups of maximum 15 people
        > Along the curriculum, a mid-term and a final feed-back questionnaire is sent to the participants in order to evaluate their satisfaction and eventually amendments to be done. It can be done into Italian language to avoid any misunderstanding as we manage it internally
        >> At the end of the curriculum, a language assessment and Training attestation is done , validated by an official Certification : Bright-FLE
  • Upon your arrival you will also be given a welcome folder with your timetable and useful information about the town and of the region
  • If you stay in one of our residences, we will welcome you upon arrival in Perpignan to accompany you to your accommodation
  • Full support during the entire programme: we have an internal italian tutor who will assist you
  • ALFMED student card issued upon the first week of arrival
  • Guided tours of the region each week
  • Social cultural activities to get you acquainted with the city, and our community of students comprising 35 nationalities
  • Skills#EU workshop on intercultural communication
  • Free weekends… there are so many things to do, why don’t you go to the beach?
  • Self-catering accommodation in our international residences
  • Free unlimited WIFI on ALFMED premises
  • Free access to the Café and ALFMED garden

You can find more about our residences here

If you are interested in applying, please go directly to the project by clicking here, or if you have questions about ALFMED or Perpignan, contact us at testonline@alfmed.com 

GO+LEARN - French Immersion: what we provide GO+LEARN - French Immersion: what we provide

GO+LEARN - French Immersion: what we provide

GO+LEARN - French Immersion: what we provide

GO+LEARN - French Immersion: what we provide