GO+LEARN – Internship in French: what we provide

GO+LEARN - Internship in French: what we provide

Presentazione del programma in italiano

This program has been set up by ENAIP Friuli Venezia Giulia in collaboration with the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, thanks to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Social Fund and the European Union Social Fund.

As a hosting organization, we provide all inclusive service from the preparation before the internship until the final report.

How do we do it? Our offer:

  • Student profiling through questionnaire & Skype to match the internship with student expectations
  • Placements in 450 potential hosting companies active in 25 sectors
  • 15h French Intensive course is provided to refresh your skills!
  • Preparation for the interview: Oral CV workshop & briefing about the company
  • Assistance for logistics
  • Organized guided tours & social cultural activities… to get you acquainted with the city and our 35 nationality community of students
  • Skills#EU workshop about intercultural communication
  • Full support during the entire programme: we have an internal italian tutor who will assist you
  • Upon your arrival you will also be given a welcome folder with your timetable and useful information about the town and of the region
  • If you stay in one of our residences, we will welcome you upon arrival in Perpignan to accompany you to your accommodation
  • Free weekends… there are so many things to do, why don’t you go to the beach?
  • Free unlimited WIFI on ALFMED premises
  • Free access to the Café and ALFMED garden
  • ALFMED student card issued upon the first week of arrival

GO+LEARN - Internship in French: what we provide


Before Mobility

The key phase of the work based learning: Matching phase

  • Professional objectives identification thanks to a specific Questionnaire
  • French level evaluation thanks to ALFMED online test
  • Expectations and motivation assessment thanks to a Skype interview to ease the matching process
  • After have identified the best match, ALFMED validate and confirm participant’s placement with an hosting company of its wide network  (450 potential hosting companies)

During mobility

Day of arrival: welcoming

The ALFMED staff takes care of the welcoming of the students at Perpignan station or airport to bring you directly to your accommodation. The transfer from other airports such as Girona, Barcelona, Toulouse or Carcassonne can be organised upon request.

Upon your arrival you will receive an informative welcoming folder which contains all the necessary for your stay:

  • Timetable of the first week at ALFMED
  • The activities program of that week in Perpignan
  • The map of the area around ALFMED
  • The map of the city and that one of the region
  • Rules to be respected in the residences
  • Internet access in ALFMED premises
  • Keys of your residence
  • Practical information

GO+LEARN - Internship in French: what we provideAll social activities conducted by ALFMED as well as the selection of the city cultural events are displayed on ALFMED Facebook! Like us and keep always updated!

GO+LEARN - Internship in French: what we provideALFMED students use Instagram #ALFMED4U to share photos, join now at our international community!

First days at ALFMED: the integration phase. First part

**Information session:

Concerning the accommodation:

  • To check if everything is correct in the accommodation
  • Conditions and rules to be respected
  • Signing the internship documents

Concerning the internship:

  • Tasks of the internship
  • Introduction to the company and your tutor
  • Logistic information and how to reach the company

GO+LEARN - Internship in French: what we provide

** CV Workshop with a French teacher

Student preparation for the first appointment with the company. Essential points for the oral presentation are performed with a French teacher over a 2h workshop. At the end, students do a ‘mock interview’ with ALFMED staff.

The second day at the Academy: Internship appointment and city tour

** INTERNSHIP APPOINTMENT: ALFMED staff brings the trainee to the Hosting Company for the internship interview with the Mentor

The interview allows a valuable informative contact with the company Mentor:

  • presentation of the trainee
  • definition of the working conditions : tasks and mutual expectations
  • timetables and schedules
  • dress code for the internship
  • short visit of the company

VISIT OF PERPIGNAN with the cultural coordinator: Short tour through the city and the attractions of the cultural life of the city.

GO+LEARN - Internship in French: what we provide

Along the Internship : follow-up and tutoring of the participants

The staff of ALFMED provides an emergency number 24/7 for the participants.
Internship follow-up is conducted every week through emails or direct contact (easy to do, as the residences are all 5 mins away from the academy). In case of a problem with the Mentor, the staff knows how to react very rapidly and find solutions.

A transcript of records and a French evaluation is done at ALFMED.

After mobility

Ensuring the correct validation procedures so as to allow recognition of the competences acquired by the participants: Trainee transcript of records, Hosting Company certificate, Europass Mobility, French language certificate according to the European framework for languages etc.

  • French language evaluation done over the last day of the program by our staff
  • (ECVET) evaluation Certificate is provided by the company mentor and checked by our staff
  • quality feedback in regards with the promoter goals
  • dissemination and transfer of results

3 people are fully dedicated to Mobility Projects, Florence Delseny Sobra – the Managing Director, Alexandra Deit-Brummelhuis, and Veronica Menegatto

If you are interested in applying, please go directly to the project by clicking here, or if you have questions about ALFMED or Perpignan, contact us at testonline@alfmed.com  

GO+LEARN - Internship in French: what we provide

GO+LEARN - Internship in French: what we provide