European ERASMUS+ programs

What we are able to provide under Erasmus+

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ALFMED team is ready to work with you on ERASMUS+ approved mobilities and new projects : learner Work Based Learning as well as Staff training.

Whatever target group you are dealing with, ALFMED has conducted programs in hosting and sending beneficiaries in the frame of the European KA1 projects. Our activities and goals over the past 12 years include training staff in adult education, student mobility, TLN mobility under ESF, participation in KA2 projects.

12 years experience in Perpignan, South of France.

ALFMED has several available options all year long, covering various sectors: health and social care, tourism, hospitality… agriculture and business administration.

Since 2006 ALFMED has been working as Erasmus+ Mobility Project host partner and has organised internships for more than 1200 foreign students so far. Since 2014 ALFMED has been involved in TLN seminars and projects.
We also experienced several European projects: including Q-Mentor and PLACET that allow us to train Mentors and guarantee high quality level mobility.

We also manage ECVET hosting/sending and partnership projects. We are involved in ECVET Mobility and partnership KA2 such as SEPLO (2016 2018) and HORECVET (2013-2017.

As a host partner our main added value is:

  • Very good airport connections (Low cost airlines flying to Perpignan – Barcelona/Girona), direct train to Barcelona Sants – 1h20
  • High flexibility and professionalism: we own and manage 3 student residences
  • Certified training for students and teachers
  • Large SME network as ALFMED is a Language continuous training centre for French companies
  • Long experience with mobilities for individuals and groups
  • Knowledge of the ECVET procedures (member of the ECVET network)


Founded in 2004 ALFMED offers linguistic and cultural immersion in combination with internships and provide continuous training for French companies. Our team of French teachers and administrative staff is motivated and highly qualified, 5 languages are spoken. The Academy has holded the official FLE Quality award since 2007, which guarantees a high level of pedagogy and service Language Training.

As a partner we are willing to work on any European project that has a strong relationship with language and learning outcomes including ECVET framework.

Two people are fully dedicated to Mobility Projects: Florence Delseny Sobra, the Managing Director and Alexandra Deit-Brummelhuis, European Projects Officer are at your disposal for any further inquiries. Contact us.