A project financed by the European Commission.


European bridge for competence recognition

Mobility of learners is a European key priority in vocational education. In particular, the mobility of apprentices needs to be promoted to a greater extent. The differences in European vocational education and training systems currently have a rather inhibitive impact on the educational content.

It is of great importance to create mutual understanding and trust with regard to transparency and recognition of learning mobility. The LEONARDO DA VINCI transfer of innovation project “Mobility Excellence” devoted itself to this task and aims to improve the value-added content of mobility as a formally recognized part of vocational training. Therefore ECVET and EQF provide an ideal “bridge” in geographical mobility.

An important ECVET instrument is the assessment of learning outcomes, as it serves as a basis for the subsequent validation and recognition. In our project we transferred the CEMES® competence recognition procedure – first developed for management competencies – on the acquisition of competency in the mobility of apprentices.

The aim of the project “MobilityExcellence” is to build a bridge for competence recognition used by stakeholders in UK, F, MT, D within IVET mobilities. The CEMES competence evaluation tool will be adapted and transferred to facilitate the introduction of an ECVET system. The result will be to give added value to mobility projects by enhancing quality and transparency within the Hotel and Business Administration sector.