The ERASMUS+ Grants


Who made it?

The ERASMUS+ program  is the European Commission Vocational Training Program.

What is it about?

Students from the EU doing an internship in another EU country may apply for a ERASMUS+ scholarship, offered by the European Union. In addition to offering financial support during your working period, you may apply for a language preparation course grant. For the national office of your country click here.

Objectives of the Program:

#1: Improving skills and competences of especially young people in their initial vocational training.

#2: Improving the quality of and the access to the vocational training as well as supporting the lifelong acquisition of skills and competences.

#3: Promoting the contribution of vocational training to the process of innovation and the improvement of competitiveness.

The scholarship:

  • Budget per month for living (the budget depends on the country)
  • Subsidy for the travel expenses (the budget depends on the country)
  • Subsidy for language courses and intercultural preparations courses (the budget depends on the country)


Who can take part?

Staff members

If they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Civilian of an EU-Member state or an education resident
  • Duration of the internship 3-12 months
  • Application before starting the internship
  • Graduation has not been longer than 1 year at the beginning of the internship
  • No promotion for only language-stays without an internship

What do YOU have to do?

  • Before starting with the application it is important to know the deadlines of your institution. The applications will have to be handed in before starting the internship, otherwise it will not be possible to receive a grant.
  • Contact us, we will provide you with further information about the Erasmus+ Program and the application process and offer you our Internship-Program.
What do WE need from you?