The Perpignan Project in cooperation with the University of San Francisco

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The ALFMED team is very proud to present the work of 18 American students about the region and especially to share their visions about “our world”!

Thanks again to all of you who helped and supported us in this project, for your kindness and availability concerning shootings and interviews, to all who took their time to talk about the region, our wines and everything which makes up our identity. The students said: “this is real life”! The multimedia department of the State University of San Francisco ran the program over 4 weeks here at ALFMED, allowing the 18 students and 4 teachers to discover the region, to learn French, to explore our know-how and to perfect their techniques of video-journalism. Every day they shared their impressions and put them on their blog. The students also created 18 documentaries, each student chose a different subject that lasted 3 minutes.

The final documentary of 54 minutes is entitled “Postcards of Perpignan” and was presented in July 2010 and 2011 at the Palais des Rois de Majorque.

Furthermore a report has been broadcasted during the Regional Journal on France 3.

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