Why Choose a Combination Program

ALFMED is the only Language Academy that offers learning of French combined closely with another activity chosen by the student, whatever his/her level, from beginner to advanced.

Through the combination programs such as “Sports”, “Business” and “Horseback-riding” the Academy wishes to propose additional topics to enhance the level of French immersion.

We at ALFMED believe that performing another complementary activity allows more effective assimilation, particularly in terms of foreign languages.

Finally, students choosing one of these combination programs enrich their objectives and strengthen their motivation to make the most of their stay and guarantee their knowledge of French at the end of their stay.

It is also for each student a good opportunity to live a unique and rich experience according to his or her passions, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

ALFMED also offers tailormade programs for groups of any age : from 7 to 77 years old Contact us

The Different Combination Programs