CORAL Creating Opportunities for Adult Learners through entrepreneurial competences

CORAL is a pan-European educational experience. It is based on the ‘A New Skills Agenda in Europe’ scheme (COM 2016 – 381 final), which stresses the strengthening of skills and the learning of new skills in the European working population, to enable them to work on their own and to support adults to acquire a minimum of key skills and/or to acquire a broader set of skills needed to progress towards a postgraduate degree, or something equivalent.

If Member States want to achieve the objectives of an innovative, intelligent and inclusive Europe, being part of the Europe 2020 strategy, it is necessary that they take into account SMBs and micro-businesses and facilitate their creation, because they have enormous potential for creating jobs, beating record unemployment rates and thus reduce poverty and social exclusion.

In contrast, in Europe, 70 million people lack literacy skills, and even more do not have digital skills, which exposes them to unemployment, poverty and social exclusion.

More than half of the 12 million long term unemployed are considered as low skilled adults.

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CORAL project is developed by 9 partner organizations (public and private) coming from 8 countries. They are combining their expertise in innovative didactics and their competence in the field of adult education. CORAL partners are Adult education providers, private employment services, public bodies in adult-education field, University, Chamber of Commerce, foundation, EU-wide networks.

ALFMED (FR) leading partner  – Adult Education provider

ERIFO (IT) – Body providing career guidance, professional counselling accredited to the Lazio Region

UNITELMA (IT) – Sapienza University digital learning department

FOYLE (UK) – Adult Education provider

DANMAR (PO)  – ICT development of learning materials for Adult Education

bit cz (CZ)  – ICT development of learning materials for Adult Education

FYG (SP) – Innovative training solutions for SME’s and Start-Ups

FPEI (MT) – Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives

FOXPOPULI (SW) – Non-governmental foundation specializing in European Union funded projects supporting non-formal education

The CORAL E_brochure Coral and Ebook is now available



“Getting to know each other”

Kick-off meeting Perpignan


“Working together and getting to know each other” Kick-off meeting in Perpignan


“Working together and getting to know each other” Kick-off meeting in Perpignan


In order to up-skill unemployed adults, CORAL will produce a set of 3 tools to assess, transfer and recognize entrepreneurial skills. This result will be achieved through the production of three main tools, firstly dedicated to long term unemployed adults, secondly to professional counsellors and adult educators, as well as all other professional profiles involved in support activities for adult job seekers.

CORAL set of tools includes:

  • The design, testing and validation of an educational pathway and its tailor-made assessment tool conforming to the needs of the unemployed Adults
  • A blended pedagogical methodology built upon and Online Start-Up Academy (MOOC) and the concept of Start-it LAB
    We apply here the concept of promoting lifelong learning that encourages motivation, by leveraging the skills development of the beneficiaries. In that regards, the learning pathways is supported by micro-units of learning outcomes so that users can easily experience success, step by step throughout the educational process
  • The implementation of a self-assessment methodology in order to keep up to date the recognition of skills acquired through non formal and informal training

Methodology CORAL, based on validation of learning outcomes, will be applied to entrepreneurial competences based on the European Framework of entrepreneurship competences ENTRECOMP.

Intellectual Output IO1 CORATOOL

Skills Assessment Toolkit for self-employment requirements – it’s an online self-assessment which adapts the framework EntreComp to the needs of long-term unemployed adults and to foster their entrepreneurial competences.

Intellectual Output IO2 : Online Start-up Academy

The educational pathway of CORAL is designed and implemented in blended-mode according to the flipped-classroom methodology.

Theoretical aspects are delivered through the Start-up Academy MOOC while operational aspects are put into practice through Start-up LAB that allows to experience a collaborative peer to peer learning process.

Intellectual Output IO3 :  CORAL learning outcomes validation

All along CORAL pathway, the learner goes through different assessment phases which basically provide the collection of evidences in support of the learning outcomes recognition.

CORAL project is useful for who?

The direct beneficiaries of CORAL are low skilled, long-term unemployed (2+ years) adults coming from previous work experiences (which can be referenced to EQF level 4). This is a fragile target group since this type of public is weakened by its distance from the job market.

As a consequence, CORAL tools can be easily used by public and private employment agencies and education providers for adults, who can incorporate the toolkit within their upskilling pathways.

Why a European project ?

We firmly believe in the capacity of training centers involved in international mobility and Adult Education in several European countries, to be able to share entrepreneurial values ​​and skills.

CORAL intellectual outputs are the fruit of a collaboration between 8 structures working on the theme of training and entrepreneurship in Europe, in different contexts.

This project is transnationally delivered since the development of CORAL toolkits requires a degree of internationalization of contents and technical solutions, as well as a validation of outputs which allows its usability at the European level.

For CORAL project, 9 partner organizations (both private and public) from 8 countries combine their expertise combine their expertise in innovative teaching and their best practice in the field of Adult Education.

While working for Intellectual Output IO1, ALFMED did 5 interviews with local French entrepreneurs. Special thanks for their advice, dedication and cooperation to the CORAL project: Aurelie Bello Dargent, Claude Sarda, Guillaume Clavaud, Christophe Vasset and Albert Oriol!


Project number:2019-1-FR01-KA204-063080


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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