COVID risk management

ALFMED remained open since 2020


COVID risk managementUpholding the highest health and safety standards is our first priority. Summarized here is our current plan for a responsible and safe operation in accordance with the health and safety guidelines defined by the French Ministry of Education and advised by the European Community. Our commitment is to ensure that all necessary health, safety, and preventative measures are firmly in place. We work closely with local and EU partners and communicate and demonstrate to ALFMED community that our academy has diligently established a sound plan for operation. It is our goal to ensure that every student is afforded an authentic and meaningful study abroad experience – personalized, engaging, rewarding, and safe.


All accepted students will be given a pre-departure handbook documenting the rules, regulations, and guidelines with special attention to our reopening policies related to covid-19. As always, our Erasmus team is available to assist students with the enrollment process and pre-departure preparation. Online Q&A sessions are also offered.


COVID risk managementShould travel restrictions still be in place, ALFMED will provide a checklist of the documents required and the policies and procedures to follow prior to departure and upon arrival. Currently, the documents that students should present upon arrival include:

  • PCR Test negative upon entrance in France
  • Acceptance of ALFMED COVID  chart
  • A set of disposable masks, sanitizing gel


Upon arrival, students will be taken from Perpignan airport/Train station  directly to their assigned Residences in a taxi or private coach. At the Residences they will find:

  • A starter supply of sanitizing gel, and cleaning products
  • A Guide/Poster on cleaning guidelines and preventative measures and best practices for health and safety
  • The ALFMED student handbook documenting the rules and regulations of the Residences 

Note: At this time we do not expect any quarantining requirements to be in place.

During orientation, ALFMED will reiterate the information found in the student handbook with a special presentation dedicated exclusively to covid-19. Topics will include local laws, rules and regulations of ALFMED, prevention, health and safety recommendations, healthcare and medical assistance, and contingency plans (lock-down, repatriation, etc.).



  • All Residences will be professionally cleaned and sanitized with products approved for covid-19 prior to student arrival.
  • All Residences have a poster infographic and guidebook outlining the rules, restrictions, preventative measures, and cleaning practices.
  • Professional and periodic cleaning and sanitization services are provided every week in common spaces of the Residence  (students are requested to fooloow hygienic measures at their own expense).



COVID risk management

ALFMED follow the current health and safety guidelines established by the French Ministry of Education. Academy policies and guidelines will be updated upon each stage of teh sanitary policies.  Current measures include:


Regulations for Entry

  • ALFMED facilities are strictly monitored through a security system
  • Hand sanitizing gel at the entrance
  • Touch-less thermometer at the entrance
  • Regulations and guidelines poster at the entrance
  • No-entry for those with symptoms attributable to Covid-19

Regulations and Guidelines Inside ALFMED

  • Standard rules:
  • masks must be worn at all times;
  • social distancing must be respected at all times; and frequent sanitizing or washing of hands required.
  • Poster and Signs for rules and regulations for Covid-19 laws, policies will be placed at the entrance and throughout the Institute.
  • Sanitizing gel will be in all bathrooms, classrooms, and common areas of the Institute.
  • Floor markings for social distancing.
  • De-densification of classrooms and social distancing on ALFMED premises: classrooms will have student desks spread out at least 1 meter from each other, and the professor’s desk at least 2 meters from students.
  • Staff offices are spaced out, and the capacity for individual extra-curricular activities will be reduced.
  • Frequent cleaning of the common area surfaces in the classrooms, restrooms, and high-traffic areas will be performed with products that meet EU anti-covid sanitation recommendations.
  • Daily deep cleaning and sanitizing of the entire ALFMED .


If there is a suspicion (but no confirmation) of a positive case of a student, they will be asked to self-isolate in his own bedroom.  ALFMED will assist in contacting the appropriate physician who will evaluate the situation. If the physician suspects a Covid-19 infection, the local authorities will be contacted to perform a test on-site. The PCR Test cost can be covered by the EU social card or reimbursed once back home.

In the event a student tests positive, the local authorities will provide detailed guidance on the procedures to be followed. According to the current regulations, this may include quarantining in a dedicated Hotel Room for a specified period (usually 10 days) or until a negative test is confirmed.The cost related to the Hotel room is at the expenses of the student/ sending organisation : a specific option is available for such extra cost by VET school insurances.

In the event that a student requires medical care or hospitalization, the Erasmus team of ALFMED, the student, and the appropriate personnel at the sending organisation will work together to address the issue.


COVID risk managementALFMED has established a Risk Management Team dedicated to monitoring & supporting French and EU health & safety regulations and recommendations to facilitate the policies, procedures, and safe operation of the academy. ALFMED has a Facility Safety Coordinator, responsible for the cleaning and sanitizing of the facilities, enforcing social distancing, emergency protocols, and other health and safety regulations. We have also assigned a dedicated Erasmus Wellness Coordinator, responsible for the health and welfare of our students. They coordinate medical visits, psychological counseling, and emergency services. 


COVID risk managementWe anticipate that students may have physical or mental health needs while abroad that could relate to typical causes (such as an ear infection or roommate issues) or causes related to the coronavirus. Students will be able to receive the well-established mental and physical health support offered by ALFMED. ALFMED whatsApp group allows students to ask for medical advice on their smartphone or contact staff members that are on call 24/7. In Perpignan region, medical treatment will also be provided free of charge to all EU students (EU social card is requested). Furthermore, the hospital system in France is considered to be well-prepared for future outbreaks. Our Risk Management team is regularly monitoring similar initiatives and will be sure to update this site with further details.


COVID risk managementAll employees of schools in France, including those in Adult education and VET, are among those listed in the priority stage of the vaccination roll-out. We expect most, if not all of ALFMED administration, staff and faculty will be vaccinated by summer 2021.


COVID risk managementIn case there is a need to do remote internship, our team and Hosting companies are able to assit participants in organizing it. For this we recommend students to bring their personnal laptop.

NOTE: Information provided on this page is subject to change as all measures, particularly those relevant to travel, social distancing, & sanitation may change in compliance with current French and EU laws and guidelines for public health and safety.