November promotion at Olivier Bajards’ international school

Olivier Bajard’s school is an international Patisserie school, which holds short and long classes for professionals or for the general public. This is not just an ordinary pastry school, but the school of the World champion Olivier Bajard, expert in the making of desserts.

Before we entered the beautiful building, I stopped to ask some students a few questions:

Laurence (French): « I knew the school here because I live in Perpignan. The specialties that I’ve learned here are the layered cakes and desserts made out of chocolate and sugar. After my studies I want to work in a big restaurant in Australia, after which I would love to start up my own restaurant. »

Tomoli (Chinese): « I know ALFMED as the school gave a presentation about itself, here at the Olivier Bajard school, I also know Cora, who went to ALFMED.»

After this little interview with these friendly students, my friends of ALFMED and I entered the school. From the moment we were in side, all we could see were delicious plates of chocolate and sugar.
It was almost impossible not to eat the mouth-watering chocolates at once, however Olivier Bajard himself started a speech, so we had to wait:

« We are the only school that is lucky enough to have famous chefs from all over the world, who are part of our courses. We are also very lucky to have lots of different nationalities and ages amongst our students. A few students will continue for a Master, which means that they will work in many restaurants in the world so as to get more experience.

Furthermore, each year we have with us a great chef who helps us. This year it was a chef from Japan. For those of you who don’t know the Japanese, you must know that they’ve been coming to France for more than 35 years and now they make better patisseries than we do. The Japanese chef has also participated in the World championship, so (pause) “Humm” Perpignan really is the centre of the world (laugh).»

The mayor (to Olivier Bajard): « You are an example for our economic activity, your company has an international dimension and you have succeeded in overcoming all the obstacles. »

The Japanese chef (with an interpreter): « Thanks to everyone, I am very pleased to be here and I love the life here in Perpignan. From a professional point of view it was very good to work with Mr. Olivier Bajard because he has always been very modest and he’s always there to advise and forward precious information.

I hope that everyone who has participated in these courses becomes a great chef on a worldwide level. Furthermore, I hope that the school will evolve even more on the international level. Finally I want to thank Mr. Olivier Bajard again and I hope to see him in Japan. »

Afterwards Olivier Bajard thanked the representative of Suisse chocolate for his cooperation: «A person with fine qualities, he has a passion for communicating the chocolate and not only the Suisse origin of it, but it’s dimension as a product on a European level. So, thank you for all your work. »

From the first second the speech was over, we “attacked” the legendary chocolates, which were indeed scrumptious. If that wasn’t enough, they also brought pizza-like pastries … « attack! ».

Friday the 26th of November 2009
Eveline Michiels (Apprentice from  “Karel de Grote-Hogeschool”)

Today we were invited to attend Cora’s graduation, at the famous Olivier Bajard school. Cora is also an ALFMED student.

November promotion at Olivier Bajards’ international school
Valentine, Eveline, Elena and Jeannine in front of the Olivier Bajard school.

November promotion at Olivier Bajards’ international school
November promotion at Olivier Bajards’ international school
November promotion at Olivier Bajards’ international school