Special Events : Festivals, Concerts and Theatre…

All year long the various touristic sites offer music festivals, exhibitions and all kinds of cultural events.

A lot of concerts are organized in Perpignan and on the beaches: pop, rock, salsa, techno, jazz, blues, latino…

According to the season, the city and the villages bordering the sea or the mountain are livened up by traditional events : Grape Harvesting, Christmas scene and chorals, Sanch Procession, Corridas, a multitude of festivals about beers, witches, cherries, markets of foie gras, truffles, local wines, new Beaujolais, farm products…

In the south, everything is an excuse for celebration !

Some big events :

Perpignan’s wide selection of festivities, cultural and musical entertainments have a distinctly southern feel.

> “La Sanch” at Easter
The Good Friday procession is an emblematic sacred fete, a poignant and spectacular parade of black-robed Penitent Brotherhoods chanting solemnly. This procession celebrates the Passion of Christ and crosses the city over several hours before returning in Sant Jaume. Since 1416, the brotherhood had the role of assisting the condemned to death.

> “La Saint-Jean” in June
A midsummer celebration symbolising the reappearance of life, La Saint-Jean features bonfires at the foot of the city’s main monuments, which illuminate the town.

> “La Sant Jordi” in April
Lovers’ day in Catalonia celebrates the Patron Saint and protector of the Catalans Saint Georges.

> “Les Estivales” in July
Based on various Mediterranean cultures and featuring theatre, dance, music and song, Les Estivales is a must. The event was created in 1987 and is marked by its anchoring in the South and the Mediterranean. The content of the event is characterised by co-productions from these cultures either in regard to themes or the participant artists. Les Estivales

> “Les Jeudis de Perpignan” in July & August
Every Thursday since 1995 during summer evenings, musicians and theatrical companies have entertained locals and visitors with performances in the streets of Perpignan. Local artists as well as national or international companies come together in a vibrant and eclectic mix of entertainment.

> In August : Pablo Casals festival in Prades, Les Méditerranéennes festival of Argelès-sur-Mer, for listen all type of musics

> “Visa pour l’Image” in beginning of September
With this event, Perpignan becomes the world capital of photojournalism every year, from late August to early September. Reporters and journalists come from everywhere in the world to meet and develop their business. Another opportunity to discover the world. Visa pour l’image

> In October : JazZebre, jazz, blues and salsa festival, and Yda y vuelta for lovers of latin music.

> All year round :
El Mediator and La Casa Musicale : concert Halls for pop, rock, salsa, techno,…
Boîte à Clous : concerts, varieties, humour and comedy by the famoust French artists
Mega Castillet et Mega CGR : leisure and movie big theaters

Ballet Preljocaj

Agrandir l'imageBallet Preljocaj

Pablo Casals

Agrandir l'imagePablo Casals

Les Jeudis de Perpignan

Agrandir l'imageLes Jeudis de Perpignan