> Perpignan’s size is perfect for student life. Quite concentrated in the center of the city to take full advantage of all sports and leisure infrastructures, but also of a sufficient economic significance to offer numerous diversions, shops, department stores and cultural events.

> Based on its patrimony inherited from the Kings of Majorca, rich merchants and numerous artists, Perpignan has grown richer and more attractive in the course of centuries. Pedestrian streets strewn with shops and colorful facades will lead you toward sunny squares, open-air markets, sumptuous old residences, palm tree avenues or terraces on the banks of Têt river.

> The Academy is located in the heart of the city and permits students to take easily advantage of all these sites.

> A city both very French and very Catalan is to be discovered. Student life is also rich there.

> Outings :
With 15 000 throughout the year and 1 million tourists during the summer, the center of the city and the beach of Canet (accessible by bus night and day during summer) abound in cafés, terraces, typical restaurants or international cuisine, night bars and discos.
A lot of student evenings are organized.
30 movie theaters, bowling, hammams, philosophic café, flea market, art market, windsurf world championships, music festivals…

> The Student life:
Academy students have access to the infrastructures of the city (Multimedia Library, Museums, Regional Archives, Youth Information Center…).

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