Santa Lucia Celebration 2017- 13th December 2017

Santa Lucia Celebration


In Sweden, on the 13th December, the Swedes celebrate the Santa Lucia which is the light festival. Santa Lucia is the light queen and she illuminates all northern Europe at this specific time of the year when daylight becomes rare.

According to the legend, Saint Lucy (dead in 304 after JC) was tortured under the Diocletian, in Catane, Sicily. Many old customs related to fire and light that were celebrated during old pagan Christmas celebrations have been related to Saint Lucy because her feast day happens to be on the day of the winter solstice, before the calendars were changed. In Swedish and Norwegians homes, on the morning of the 13th of December, the eldest daughter of the family wears a white robe and a crown of candles and she wakes up the other members of the family with a tray of coffee and sun-shaped braided bread. The saint Lucy feast tells the winter devils that their reign is over and that the light of the sun will overcome the darkness.

Once again, ALFMED would like to join up with all our northern friends and opens its doors to celebrate this light festival. Come and enjoy for free a glass of hot wine among some singers. As well as being a cultural exchange, this is a time to share foods from different parts of the world. So come along with a recipe from your country and let’s enjoy some nibbles together!

Everyone’s Welcome , but places are limited… so please call us now
and join us on the13th December 2017 at 6.30pm.
in ALFMED‘s gardens, 21 bis Avenue du Général de Gaulle in Perpignan

For all enquiries: or Tel: +33 (0)468 622 020+33 (0)468 622 020

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