The residence DRANCOURT has 2 single bedrooms available with own private bathroom.

It is dedicated mainly to Tutors, Teachers, Adult participants.

The flat is fully equipped. It is situated behind ALFMED building. This flat is located at the basement of a magnificient house.
All rooms are furnished. Linen and covers for the bed are provided. Towels not provided in this Residence.

To share:
· a kitchen equipped with: gas stove, freezer, table, chairs
· WIFI (free and unlimited)
· Living room

ALFMED access: 1 minute by foot

Bus (city/county) & Train station access : 5 mn by foot

Train station access : 5 mn by foot

Shop access: 2 minutes to the city centre, small supermarkets 5 minutes by foot, large shopping centres 20 minutes by bus

Leisure centre access and night clubs: bars and restaurants in the city centre

Sport parc access: 10 minutes by bus to go to the indoor swimming pool, the tennis court, volleyball-, football- and rugby field

Seaside access: 20 minutes by bus