Getting an EU work placement in Slovenia was a huge privilege to me and meant an awful lot to me. If you get the perk, the privilege, the opportunity to do it – do it!

[Ireland, IDI]

Going to Malta to do a four-week placement in the distribution centre was exactly what
I needed in my VET training in the area of logistics. It has enriched my professional training and my life greatly. All the aspects of the training were perfectly organized by the teachers of my VET school in charge of internationalization. Also, the head of the school was very supportive and very interested in the placements. It couldn’t have been better.

[Belgium-Flanders, IDI]

It was primarily an adventure and a new experience. I was very curious about living abroad and wanted to know if I could cope there and overcome the language barrier. I also wanted to know what the work of a logistician was really about. I am bored with theory – I prefer
a hands-on approach.

[Poland, FGI]

I wanted to see the real-world scenario of what we were studying. It was a great insight into what we’re actually doing. It’s all very well and good being in a classroom and learning about this and that, but seeing it in the real world is a priceless asset. It was a great opportunity and I’m really glad I got to do it.

[Ireland, FGI]

I tell her that it will be a new experience, that she will learn something new abroad, that she will be in a new environment. You will have gone to another culture; coming back, you will have something more than just what you have been taught at school. You don’t have to worry about it financially, because everything is paid for you. Everything is refunded,

so you won’t have any problems in that regard either.

[Latvia, IDI]

Everything was good and without Erasmus+ I would probably not have had the opportunity to do a traineeship abroad like this. Also because it is probably often difficult to pay for the stay abroad, if you don’t get a grant.

[Luxembourg, IDI]

It was definitely something exciting that I never would’ve done before, and I definitely haven’t had the opportunity to do it since. So that was very beneficial. If I could do it again I definitely would. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. Meeting new people and taking the friendships back home, that for me was one of the benefits of it all. And then exposure to the industry. You wouldn’t really get another opportunity to do that unless it’s part of a degree you’re doing or something. So that was very beneficial.

[Ireland, IDI]

Placements abroad really widen one’s personal and professional horizon. It is so useful to experience how similar jobs are put in practice in another country.

[Belgium-Flanders, IDI]

And right from the start I was like, ‘OK, give me something. I really want to learn this because I’ve only got a small amount of time’. And it is of course a huge benefit for me
for the final apprenticeship examination in particular if I can say, ‘Yes, I might not work
in a shipping company, but I still got to learn about maritime transport’. That’s another reason or actually the main reason why I decided on Las Palmas, because I knew they would definitely have a port or some logistics enterprise there no matter what.

[Austria, IDI]

It all started with the fact that the students who had returned from the internship presented their experience. It was very inspiring for me, so it was what I wanted for some time. […]
It seemed a little unbelievable that you could live for a month in another country through the school and gain knowledge from strangers working in the same field.

[Latvia, FGI]