Erasmus Residence Venise

The residence Venise has 5 rooms available: 2 single rooms and 3 double rooms. It is situated about 5 minutes by foot from ALFMED. This residence is a detached house with a lovely quiet garden. Some rooms provide direct access to the garden, other rooms have the disposal of a sunny balcony. A table has been installed in the garden for students who would like to lunch outside.

Each room has a name corresponding to a colour: Blue – Red – Yellow – Green – Pink

All rooms are furnished. Linen and covers for the bed are provided. Vacuum cleaner available in the residence.

The students share:

  • a bathroom
  • a toilet
  • a kitchen equipped with: gas stove, fridge, freezer, microwave, kettle, table, chairs
  • TV and WIFI (free and unlimited)
  • private garden for the students, possibility to park bicycles

ALFMED access: 5 minutes by foot

Bus (city/county) & Train station access : 5 minutes by foot

Shop access: 5 minutes to the city centre, small supermarkets 10 minutes by foot, large shopping centres 20 minutes by bus

Leisure centre access and night clubs: bars and restaurants in the city centre

Sport parc access: 10 minutes by bus to go to the indoor swimming pool, the tennis court, volleyball-, football- and rugby field

Seaside access: 20 minutes by bus