One to One Courses

Private lessons

Private lessons are offered in the 9 languages ​​we teach at ALFMED for learners from 7 years old! An effective solution to learn at your own pace, according to your precise needs, according to your availability… and above all by using an adapted pedagogy.

  • ALFMED offers private lessons in French, English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Russian, German for all: foreign students already integrated into an academic or intensive program, students (from 7 years old) or adults (employees, applicants for employment, managers, self-employed, etc.)
  • These courses are available by SKYPE / Zoom: #SmartLearning for learners from 10 years old and we guarantee quality teaching ergonomics
  • Alone * with a face-to-face teacher, the learner progresses optimally thanks to tailor-made teaching that takes into account their specific needs
  • The training plan followed is negotiated closely between the learner and the teacher before the start of the course sessions.
  • A level MCQ test is sent to you, along with a questionnaire in order to define your The training plan is tailor-made between the learner and the teacher before the start of the course sessions.
  • Decreasing prices are offered from 4 hours of lessons. Our packages are flexible according to your needs.
  • Registration for our private lessons gives you access to our E-learning platform: Secure access for 3 months + Positioning test + briefing + follow-up with the trainer
  • You can benefit from a tax credit according to article 199 sexdecies of the CGI: a valid certificate will be issued to you by ALFMED
  • Decreasing prices are offered from 5 hours of lessons

* For the same family (applicable to individuals) these hours can be used for 2 people together at the same level

Package Hours Rate Hourly cost Unlimited E-learning platform
4 heures 180 eur 45 eur/h
5 heures 215 eur 43 eur/h
10 heures 430 eur 43 eur/h
15 heures 645 eur 43 eur/h
20 heures 860 eur 43 eur/h
24 heures 960 eur 40 eur/h