Academic Semester

> Comprising a period from 4 months to 19 weeks (in the fall, spring or summer), Academic Courses are the most complete for learning French in excellent conditions, irrespective of the level of the student, beginner, intermediate or advanced. This level is determined upon registration thanks to the test on line and is validated by an oral exam passed with a teacher on the very first day of the training.

> The semester module includes 15 hours of courses for 2 weeks and after that 4h per week, practical learning, pedagogical outings and school holidays.

> Upon completion of this basic module, the student can choose an option during the 2 last weeks :

> Business : students do non renumerated internships in a French company during the last 2 weeks of the stay. Supplementary business vocabulary courses will be given to them prior to the beginning of their internship.

> Sports :during the stay, a half day per week is reserved for the supervised practice of the chosen sport (golf, sailing or equitation). Then students will do an intensive practice course (16 intensive sessions) of their favorite sport during the 2 last weeks of the stay.

> Gastronomc : 2 or 4 sessions of cooking