French Levels

On the first day of the stay, students take a written and oral test in order to assess their level and to form the working groups. Afterwards, students take other tests on a regular basis in order to check their progress and possible transfer to another level.

ALFMED Academy discerns 5 levels of French language, from Beginner to Advanced.

Beginner Level : students know neither French words nor expressions. They don’t distinguish French among other spoken languages written or spoken. This is the lowest level.

False Beginner Level : students know French words and expressions such as the salutations, and they recognize some words written on posters or road signs. Also, they can distinguish French among other spoken languages.

Elementary Level : students use French language succinctly. They have a basic vocabulary sufficient for simple communication situations. This level is still insufficient for being able to face everyday life situations and communicate effectively, but a basic conversation is possible. They put forth continuous efforts to manage to transmit the message. In more complex situations, students have problems regarding accuracy, ease and clearness of expression blocking the conversation, preventing the communication from occurring normally. Finally, they can possibly understand simple written sentences in French.

Intermediate Level : students use French language independently in all familiar situations when they are not under pressure. They can make mistakes regarding accuracy and clearness of expression but communication and comprehension remain effective. They can easily correct these mistakes based on simple instructions given by the teachers. Finally, they can possibly translate succinctly French texts in their mother tongue and write simple messages in French.

Advanced Level : students use French language with confidence in most situations. They have a total comprehension of French, they use a wide vocabulary and acquired a deep knowledge of the French culture. They can make some mistakes in particular or difficult situations (noise, strong accent, slang expressions), but they are capable to correct themselves afterwards. Finally, they can easily translate French texts in their mother tongue and write complex messages in French.