Presentation of our french summer programs

Comprising a period from 2 to 4 weeks, the Intensive French Summer program is the most accessible for learning French in good conditions, irrespective of the level of the student, whether that be beginner, intermediate or advanced. This level is determined upon registration thanks to the test on line and is validated by an oral exam taken with a teacher on the very first day of the training.

For tailormade programs : per week or for groups, contact us

The intensive summer module includes 30 hours/2 weeks of courses and practical learning, that is 3 hours of courses per day from Monday through to Friday and one half-day of practical learning per week , a supervised outing/week, and 5 roundtrip tickets per week to the beach Canet plage (from June to August).

ALFMED can take care of your lodging ! We offer all inclusive packages so you don’t have to worry about anything else other than your stay and your ticket!! See what’s included

Added to this basic module, the student can choose an option :

Business : students do a non renumerated internships in a French company. Supplementary business vocabulary courses will be given to them prior to their internship.

Sports : during the program, 5 sessions of sport : choice between golf, sailing or horseback-riding.