Special French & Gastronomy- 2 or 4 week Program

Special 2 week  or 4 “French & Gastronomy” Program

For a 2 week “French & Gastronomy” Program
Cost 690 Euros For a 4 week “French & Gastronomy” Program
Cost 995 Euros
Thanks to this “French & Gastronomy” program you will learn to speak and write in French & how to cook delicious dishes which are typical for our region- discovery of our typical wines.> THIS  PROGRAM INCLUDES :

  • French course : 3 hours per day (15 h/ week )– see our
    teaching methods 
  • Visit of Perpignan &  1 Cultural outing
  • Self study sessions in the Language Laboratory every our new software Speedlingua
  • Transport at the arrival and the departure (airport/station/bus station)
  • Discovery of our French Gastronomy including

2 Hours of cookery course with a chef & a “discovery & tasting” workshop with a winemaker

> Free weekends … there are so many things to do, why don’t you go to the beach?

Accommodation available upon request

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Special "French & Gastronomy"- 2 or 4 week Program

Agrandir l'image“Discovery & Tasting” workshop with winemaker

ALFMED propose a cookery course with a chef!

Agrandir l'imageALFMED propose a cookery course with a chef!

Discovery of French cooking with ALFMED

Agrandir l'imageDiscovery of French cooking with ALFMED