Skills#EU Profile Cards Game

The goal of the Skills#EU Profile Card game is to better understand cultural stereotypes and to facilitate ERASMUS+ Mobility experince. Let’s overcome communication barriers !  

“Profile cards,” a game that ALFMED has designed, is used with its ERASMUS+ students of many different nationalities during their preparation time.

In this role play, each card includes

  • the name and flag of a EU country
  • a job (related to VET Erasmus sectors)
  • a visual description of a specific cultural behavior to use such as ‘speak loud’ or ‘touch your interlocutor’ ….
  • players can speak whatever language they want : it is all about experience multicultural communication !! 
    In pairs, the participants have to interview each other to guess where their partner comes from, what his/her job is while using a special about his/her behavior.

The game involves 28 cards representing the countries of the EU, each of them has its own nationality, job and a specific behavior.

All the participants have to stay in a circle in the room. Each of them has to pick one of the ‘profile cards’ and is not allowed to show it to the others.

Only one-to-one discussions are allowed. Every participant, using the described behavior, has to guess the profile (nationality + vocational sector) of 2 other participants without asking direct questions. The one responding to the question cannot give a direct answer (e.g. he can’t say his country directly).

We feel by using these interactive methods to teach students about the EU, and by encouraging students to interact with other cultures, that students can quickly learn about Europe, and be provided with the necessary skills to excel on the European labor market.

That is a good introduction to what they will have to face during their internship in Europe