Supervision of our students

We, as well as our teachers take care of the student from the time when he/she arrives at the airport or the train station. This makes his/her stay to a human unique experience.

A polyglot administrative team is at the student’s disposal and takes care of him/her at all different stages of his/her stay.

Our FLE teachers all speak French as their mother tongue and are owners of a university FLE diploma (Français Langue Etrangère). They step in at every phase of the instruction, that is related to the lessons of course, to improve the performance of each student, no matter which level he/she has, but also concerning the companionship of the students during the whole period of their stay at our Academy in Perpignan.

Administrative formalities, journeys, contacts with the family, Visa, the Academy deals with a lot of practical details so that the student can concentrate on the objective of his/her stay : learn French and soak up its culture.

A companionship is offered to the student beyond the course to reinforce his/her instruction: purchase advice for books, DVDs, help for the use of interactive CD-ROMs, propositions and advice for external activities : visits, events, cinema…

Finally, the Academy can help the students to find little jobs (babysitting, instruction in foreign languages…)