How to get to Perpignan?

Flight Connections

Transportation to and from Perpignan is easily accessible. The city has an International Airport (with flights to and from the UK, Ireland, Spain and Belgium), as well as an international high-speed train station. Perpignan Airport is connected to the city center by Line 6 of the Sankéo city bus. The freeway system that joins the Spanish Peninsula with Northern Europe provides travelers quick access by car or bus to all large towns and cities nearby. The tourist resources of the region have not only brought large airline companies but also discount airlines that offer competitive prices for travelers.

By plane there is always an easy and fast way to reach us, connecting with six international airports which are daily connected with many European cities. >> The fastest,vliegtuig easiest and cheapest way is to take flights to Perpignan, Toulouse, Girona or Barcelona. They have a lot of LOW COST AIRLINES

To check the list of cities served by Perpignan airport, Toulouse, Girona and Barcelona: click here.

How to get to Perpignan from Girona and Barcelona  Airports: best platform to check the best combinations between flights / Bus/trains :

  • By coach: our bus service can bring you from/to Perpignan to/from Girona or Barcelona, for more information contact us. Cost starts at 50eur/pers for 4 persons.
  • By LOW COST Buses or car pooling or train  : check this platform
    • Barcelona Airport –> Perpignan: Monday until Sunday
    • Toulouse –> Perpignan: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • Gérone –> Perpignan: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Airport shuttle : a bus service from Girona airport to Girona train/bus station costs 2.75 euros. Then you can take a train direct to Perpignan for an average price of 20 euros.

How to get to Perpignan from BARCELONA AIRPORT: Via Barcelona SANTS Train station

To connect from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona Sants train station we suggest:

1 hour max. transfer: either Train or AEROBUS shuttle from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona Sants station (5,90 euros single /10,20 euros return).
From Barcelona Sants station:

  • Direct AVE/TGV speed train. This direct speed train from Barcelona to Perpignan is scheduled at 07h20 / 09h20 / 13h17  / 16h45 / 18h30 . It takes only 1h20min for an average price of 30-35 euros: check
  • Other options : Coach/Bus and carpooling on
  • Possible coaches : FLIXBUS OUIBUS PERPICAT depending on time table

How to get to Perpignan from FRENCH AIRPORTS: Toulouse – Carcassonne – Béziers – Montpellier – Paris

  • Check Transfer options on : Train or Bus or Car pooling
    Every French airport has a shuttle bus to the city train station.

PARIS and MADRID are only 5h away by train TGV/AVE. Roundtrip prices around 80 to 150 euros: check

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