The First Days at ALFMED

The Sunday before the start of courses, students are met at the airport or the train station and brought directly to where they will be staying. All transportation and reception is assured by the staff of the Academy.

Before their departure, the students are given the address where they will be staying and a telephone number in case of last-minute problems.

Upon arrival, a complete package containing all the necessary information (maps, directions, access to the school by foot or by bus, a telephone number in case of problems) is provided.

The First Day :
8h45- 9.30 a.m.: Welcoming reception for the students of the Academy to meet the education staff and become familiar with their new surroundings. All the administrative information concerning their stay is covered and they are able to meet the fellow students. Unlimited internet access is provided for all those who want to send a message home.

  • Written and oral evaluation is given in order to determine in which level the student will be placed
  • Welcome petit déjeuner with our staff
  • Visit of the Academy

9.30 – 12 a.m.: French class starts
12 a.m.: Computer lab session: how to use the PC and the multimedia software

The second day:

9-12 a.m.:  French class starts
4 p.m.: Visit of Perpignan



arrivée des élèves

Arrivée des élèves