Transportation to or from Perpignan is easy. The city has an International Airport as well as a station. The highway connecting the Hispanic peninsula with the north of Europe permits travelers to get rapidly by car or by bus to the large neighboring agglomerations.

The touristic assets of the region have attracted the major airlines but also the low cost companies offering very competitive prices for students.

The city has an International Airport as well as a station

In addition, there is the regular bus line network also allowing fast transportation at low fares.

The connection with the TGV railway network gets you rapidly to many major French cities… soon you will be able to get to Barcelona in 40 minutes.

Perpignan is situated on the south Trans-European Axe
Barcelona3h by bus, 45mn by train1h30 by car
Paris1h15 by plane6h by train
Cote d’Azur/ Marseille3h30 by train2h30 by car
Montpellier/Toulouse/Carcassonne2h30 by train1h30 by car
Roma2h by planefrom Girona (1h autobus)
Londres, Birmingham, Frankfurt2h by planefrom Girona (1h autobus)
Dublin, Stockholm4h by planefrom Girona (1h autobus)
Andorra4h by bus