Cultural immersion

Cultural immersion is very important, even essential in our linguistic training.

Indeed, we do believe that learning French -as well as any other foreign language- is achieved through courses, several experiences and everyday meetings.

Therefore we put forward our abilities to offer interesting and varied cultural outings during all our sessions.

Cultural and historical outings

Castles, Museums, Abbeys…

Gastronomic outings

Taste our regional products (wine, fruit, vegetables, biscuits, cold meats…), cooking lessons

Sportive outings

Horse riding, adventure parks, sailing, karting…

Discover our culture and customs

Music festivals, ferias, traditional celebrations…

Mélinda and Pauline are in charge of our activities department that offers students, as soon as they arrive, several activities based on a selection of outings, shows, festivals and visits that do reflect our country and region: History, culture, gastronomy, customs….

Our students enjoy the most of their stay in Perpignan

Moreover, our activities department gives trainees all the tourist information they need. Our partner network and knowledge of the local tourism allow us to offer all year long a wide range of other activities -upon students’ request- that are not included in the basic activities and courses.

Our objective is that our students enjoy the most of their stay in Perpignan, whatever their main interests and desires are.

Would you like to be a host family during the school year or summer? Contact us!

For any further information concerning tourism and cultural or sportive activities, do not hesitate to contact Mélinda or Pauline.

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