FLE Quality Award (French as a Foreign Language)

ALFMED is a French language Academy offering foreign students a unique experience to learn French in privileged surroundings and through complete cultural immersion.

The Academy’s main objectives are Quality, Innovation, Supervision.

For the period 2007- 2015  ALFMED has been awarded the FLE (French as Foreign Language) Quality Seal. Since 2006, the French government has been wanting to carry out this measure to insure a very high learning level and also to promote the French language all over the world.

Every year more than 100 000 people come to France to learn French. Some 300 language centres (public, private or associative) offer their services in this respect. To address such situation, FRANCE, through the participation of three ministries ( Higher Education and Research, Foreign and European Affairs, and Culture and Communication) has decided to establish a certification system for the French foreign language centres established on French territory.

For this purpose, a label entitled “French foreign Language quality” has been created. This process aims at the official identification, recognition and promotion of the schools where the language programs and related services present the required quality guarantees.

The FLE Quality Award is issued after an audit that includes 109 rigorous criteria based on cultural and linguistic immersion, teaching, management and welcoming infrastructures.

We are Host partners for Leonardo da Vinci programs from all over Europe.
Students come for a 13 week program including French classes and Work experience in a French company.

More than 70 students from all over Europe wishing to perfect their French language have already taken part in these programs and have benefited from the know-how of ALFMED, not forgetting the experience they have gained from the internship in a French company.

To fulfil the Students University and professional projects, ALFMED offers not only a linguistic training course but also a Professional and cultural immersion with the help of ALFMED’s partnership network.

Leonardo Da Vinci

In November 2007, ALFMED became an official TOEIC® examination centre, therefore having the right to prepare towards the test and then set up exam sessions.

The TOEIC® test (TEST OF ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION™) measures proficiency in international Business English, at intermediate and advanced levels. It provides an accurate measurement of the English capabilities of non-native speakers in listening, reading and grammar.
The TOEIC® test measures and certifies listening, reading and grammar proficiency in international business English.

FLE Quality Award (French as a Foreign Language)

The ALFMED Academy also offers the opportunity to take the TEF exam, with FLE (French as a Foreign Language) teachers who prepare you for the exam. An intermediate level of French is required, as well as a certain number of lessons, at least 120 hours so as to sit the exam in good conditions. Either 8 weeks intensive French (15 hours per week) or 32 hours extensive lessons (4 hours per week).

The French Evaluation Test (Le test d’Evaluation de Francais or TEF) is designed to measure the French language level of people who don’t speak French as a native language. It evaluates comprehension competency and oral expression in the French language. It gives quantitative and qualitative appreciations of the linguistic level of the candidates with a detailed analyse and individualized results.

FLE Quality Award (French as a Foreign Language)

The ALFMED Academy also prepares to the French DILF exam delivered by the French Ministry of Education.

The DILF (Diplôme Initial de Langue Française, or initial diploma in French language) is a qualification in French as a foreign language that assesses basic users (level A1.1 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). It is an initial step towards the DELF and DALF.