Partnership with the Association AFLE in Hong Kong

ALFMED has recently created a partnership with the Association of Teachers of French in Hong Kong and Macao (ATFHK) in Hong Kong that coordinates and supports the instruction and learning of French as a foreign language in Hong Kong.

As it is a training centre that possesses the FLE Quality Award we decided to enter into this partnership with the association AFLE.


The prestigious oratory contest organised by ALFE in collaboration with the Consulate of France in Hong Kong and Macao and the Consulate of France in Canton will take place in the region of the Pearles Delta and its participants come from the most important universities of Hong Kong.

ALFMED offers the lucky winner of the contest that is organised by the association AFLE a language stay for two weeks.

The program contains :

  • a French course of 30 hours, every morning from 9 to 12
  • 15 hours in our language laboratory, a personalised course on the software SPEEDLINGUA permits to work on essential oral skills
  • Excursions and visits : the historic quarter of Perpignan,
  • a session of wine tasting and a cookery course for the French cuisine with our favorite chef Marie
  • Greeting ceremony: the laureate will be received at a ceremony at ALFMED to congratulate him or her on his or her job. At this opportunity a representative of the mayor’s office will be present at the side of the Director of ALFMED to honor him.

This prize is completed by a free flight from Hong Kong to Paris that is allocated by AIR FRANCE.

AFLE, what do they do?

  • AFLE is a nonprofit association.
  • Its objectives are to help, coordonate and support the instruction and learning of French as a foreign language in Hong Kong
  • The types of instruction which they offer are:
    – PRO-FLE : Centre of education primarily for teachers of French as a foreign language and secondly for those who wish to reinforce their skills within a continuing education
    – DEAFLE : E-learning, initial training or further education. This training that is finished with a diploma is targeted to professionals
  • Internships : numerous educational internships and/or advanced pedagogical trainings are available on the market.
  • Several schools regularly send them information on internship offers that they transmit to their members
  • Organization of the contest: poetry, writing…

This institution gives foreigners the chance to find an internship or a university by proposing practical trainings which are offered by regional companies.

President of the Association AFLE: Jean-Luc Rey

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