Teaching Methods

The Academy’s original communicative teaching methods are principally based on a highly motivated and available teaching staff that is there to assist students at each stage of their training.

The Learning of French language is achieved at all levels, both during courses on the Academy’s premises and during excursions where you discover the regional culture, during immersion week-ends in a family and also through activities planned within the stay, visiting companies or active participation in local events.

Our priority is to allow you to learn the language in a practical and recreational way, with a particular emphasis put on our teaching methods, comprehension and oral expression by putting students in real and imaginary situations, role playing, discovery courses, oral presentations…

These original teaching methods are based on the constant use of numerous and various multimedia aids: press articles, agency news, French Web sites, video and audio documents, comic strips, French clips and songs, trailers from French films and novels.

Updates of your written and oral knowledge are carried out at each stage of the learning to check the students levels and their ability to understand and be understood through reading, writing correspondence/ a report, answering a phone call, or during a filmed interview.

A follow-up for each student outside of his/her French classes is available to help each student reenforce what they have already learnt : recommendations on books to buy, DVD’s, assistance when using the Language Lab and CD-ROM’s, different cultural outings to be done in the region : events, cinemas, tourist sites…

Students also have self-teaching sessions, supervised by their teachers, thanks to the multimedia tools put at their disposal by the Academy and their personal experience contributing to courses in their free time.

Last but not least, after a final assessment, a French Communication Qualification Certificate is issued by the Academy at the end of the stay.

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