The language courses offered by ALFMED

Use your individual right for learning to learn foreign languages (DFP)

The Academy ALFMED offers language courses à la carte which take place all year-round in evening classes or in intensive classes and during the school holidays.

These courses are targeted at local inhabitants of Perpignan and its region.

Foreigners who have been living in the region for a short time and who would like to start to learn French or to perfect their skills in French; companionship to dates, translations …

Students who would like to integrate scholastic private lessons on Tuesdays or on Wednesdays, or who would like to take particular lessons in English, Spanish, Catalan or French within the scope of their school programs « Collège » or « Lycée », for the levels from the sixième to the terminale ;

Adults who would like to learn a foreign language, French, English, Spanish, Catalan, German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, no matter which level they have ;

Companies who plan for their employees to let them start to learn a foreign language or to let them perfect their level in French, English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, German or other languages in the scope of a further training.

Intensive Courses

For the preparation of a diploma, a meeting, a new project : ALFMED can offer “customization” in group or private lessons according to the announced fees.

Our principles:

  • All teachers instruct their mother tongue, they are experienced and owners of a higher instruction diploma.
  • Each lesson in a classroom is completed by one hour of private study in our language laboratory – with free access during the opening hours of the Academy and without a date
  • If the students have a « reference vocabulary » the teachers will use it
  • The lessons are part of a fixed number of hours. Each lesson pursues a particular theme so that all sessions are different from the other ones