The Objectives

ALFMED is a French language academy offering foreign students a unique experience of learning French in privileged surroundings and complete cultural immersion.

Quality, innovation and supervision are the Academy’s main objectives

  • Quality with our young and dynamic teachers, holders of university diplomas FLE (Français Langue Etrangère [French as a Foreign Language]), available modern means, educational coaching and well-adapted premises.
  • Innovation by the teaching methods used essentially based on practical and recreational activities rather than on lectures; innovation, too, in the different original options offered, as well as in the cultural activities that are organized.
  • Supervision by taking care of the student the minute he/she arrives, settling in and French immersion offered all through the stay.
    • ALFMED hires with Languedoc Roussillon region this first step that will be obtained in September 2009 within the Seal Process of Education Centres. ALFMED has already obtained in March 2007, the prestigious FLE Quality Seal issued by the Education and Foreign Matters Ministry.
    • Educations and Specific Objectives are part of ALFMED’s know-how. Some examples:
      • Private or collective courses apprehending specific terms and sentences linked to company activities.
      • “Thésaurus métier” creation for BAJARD School, Perpignan hospital, the Notary public Union Chamber…
      • Audio production corresponding to specific situations: urgency situations, appointments, catalogue introductions, exibition participations, conference speeches…
      • Language certification training: EF, DELF, BULATS, DILF, CAMBRIDGE etc…
      • Translation of key documents for companies and of letter models.

The objective of the entire ALFMED team is that students can express themselves correctly in French at the end of their stay – According to their levels, specific objectives will be targeted and a final evaluation assessed.

You will leave ALFMED with the memory of having lived a unique and unforgettable experience! A total French immersion in the South of France. Needs and learning skills are regularly estimated to establish efficient and realistic educations.

The pedagogical team is composed by open-ended contract people who invest in ALFMED projects to share the same passion: the linguistic and cultural opening.
Next to the Manager Florence Delseny Sobra, the Administrative Coordinator Pauline ABELANET, the Head Receptionist Mélinda CHILLET  and the whole ALFMED team will make sure to create a real plural community.

The welcoming of more than 250 foreigners per year at the Academy and the education of 200 French people in foreign languages prove it!