The TCF TP – Test of French Knowledge

The TCF TP consists of three compulsory parts

    Listening Comprehension

    • The first section deals with the understanding of statements made ​​in connection with a support image, photo or drawing that reflects scenes of daily life;
    • The second section focuses on understanding exchange minimum corresponding to real life situations (greetings, proposals, phone calls, inquiries, posting station, weather, etc.).
    • The third section is based on the understanding of micro-conversations (two or three exchanges);
    • The fourth section focuses on understanding lectures, radio documents. The difficulty may relate to the number of questions asked on the same document or on the flow of the document or its sounds cape.

Control structures
This part tests your knowledge of grammar rules.

Sample question:
Je ne suis pas sûr(e) que ce bus …
A – va
B – alla
C – aille
D – ait
… jusqu’au château de Versailles.

Reading comprehension

Why must you take the test?

Personal: This test can take stock of the French language skills (listening comprehension and oral and written expression), for a potential development.
Business: Provides objective information that a candidate can be asked from an institution for recruitment or promotion.
Education: it provides, according to international standards, a reliable assessment of language skills which will be considered for admission to higher education (universities, colleges, art schools, architecture schools, business schools…).

Price : 185€