Why Study in Perpignan ?

Choosing Perpignan to learn French is a unique chance to live in a city in Southern France taking advantage, at the same time, of the proximity of Spain and Barcelona.

“Perpignan, the Catalane”

Founded by the Romans and ancient capital of the Kingdom of Majorca, this city renowned for its extraordinary climate, its palm tree lined squares and its sunny terraces will enchant you by its untarnished Mediterranean charm. Located some 30 km away from Spain, Perpignan is actually the gateway to Spain, directed towards Barcelona, its Catalan cousin, washed by the Mediterranean Sea in the immediate vicinity and protected by the Pyrenees mountain chain. French for more than 3 centuries, the city has managed to keep its traditions, and enrich itself from the opening up of Europe.

Studying in Perpignan

In Perpignan, 1 out of 10 inhabitants is a student, the cultural life is very rich and thanks to its exceptional geographic position, all kinds of sports and touristic activities are within an arm’s reach. The different immersion programs offered by ALFMED will allow you to live an exceptional experience: improve your French whatever your level is, absorb the French way of life, and take advantage of the proximity of Spain to discover Barcelona.

1 out of 10 inhabitants is a student

The Academie de Langues France Mediterranée organizes all through the stay touristic visits but also intensive practice golf courses, sailing, windsurfing or horseback-riding yet another way to make the most of the region’s fantastic natural environment. Depending on the season and during their free time, students can easily go to the beach, skiing in the Pyrenees or spend the day in Spain or Montpellier. Your stay in Perpignan, at the crossroads of the south European route, will give you unforgettable memories.

Why Study in Perpignan