Lodging Conditions

House or apartment with housemates, or individual apartment and studio.

Lodging is in a building
with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and separate toilet.

Share your life with housemates
in a house, an apartment or in a studio.

The proposed lodging can accommodate 1 to 10 students. They are selected by ALFMED and will satisfy all your demands.

Each room is furnished,
equipped with a desk, sheets and furniture covers.

In the kitchen,
you will find all the equipment necessary: hot plates, refrigerators, dishes, silverware, plates and glasses, iron and …
French TV!

Study and live with other students
from different nationalities. In this way, other ways of living are discovered as well as another way to approach your life as a foreigner.

  • Accommodations are planned with housemates, please contact us in advance to set up individual lodging, only when available.
  • All charges included
  • Non smoking
  • Small garden or yard available for bikes
  • Laundromat very close
  • Connection to the Internet: WIFI or cable according to the accommodation

Fees according to lodging