WHY ERASMUS ? A Story of 30 Years

ALFMED : 15 years of ERASMUS+ !ALFMED has been organising internships through the ERASMUS program since 2006. This EU funded cultural exchange program itself has been bringing people and cultures together for 30 years ! At ALFMED we are involved in Erasmus projects for 12 years, look how we do it ?

It started in 1987, giving high education students the opportunity to spend several months studying and living in another European country. Launching the ERASMUS program was a milestone for the whole of Europe. Why?

It created a Europe without borders and many of us who are part of the Erasmus Generation have understood that we have many more opportunities than before.

With Erasmus, we learn to put things into a new perspective, become more open-minded, more tolerant towards others and their cultures, gain global knowledge and develop soft skills that are highly valued by employers as well.

Today, Erasmus+ offers exchanges and placements in school and adult education, Vocational Education and Training (VET), youth and sport.

ALFMED-ERASMUS in Perpignan : A Story of 15 Years

I also had to step outside my comfort zone, as I was obliged to speak French with my employers at my internship.

I am very grateful to have made that Erasmus experience, because intercultural learning and going abroad just makes every mind and heart richer.

Erasmus taught me how to be more independent and self-confident… It is a good way to make new friends and adapt to different situations. Experiences like this help you grow and be more mature… and surely you’ll have a lot of fun!

Besides being an accredited training center, ALFMED functions as an ERASMUS+ Mobility hosting partner. We have been organizing Erasmus internships for VET students since 2006, hosting an average of 250 trainees every year.

Upon arriving in Perpignan, ERASMUS+ trainees experience a unique linguistic and cultural immersion and through their internship they gain valuable international work experience as well. They can work in the following sectors: social care, education, tourism, agriculture, business administration, gastronomy, hotel & catering. Our multilingual staff takes care of our students : we make sure they receive all the help they need after arriving in Perpignan, both on the professional and personal sides.

By providing this opportunity we want to demonstrate that VET can be a wise career choice as quality vocational skills are highly valued in today’s labour market.

At ALFMED we also believe that Mobility should be accessible for everyone, as this is instrumental not only for the future of Europe but also for our future as individuals. Thus we encourage everyone to come and experience something new : don’t be afraid to take that extra step outside your comfort zone !

All forms of ERASMUS+ experiences are unique and have a huge positive impact on participants :

  • we grow professionally,
  • we learn from our tutors,
  • we learn from each other,
  • but maybe most importantly, we learn a lot about ourselves.

Most of our ERASMUS+ students say that their internship was one of the best character-building experiences of their lives so far !