> How do I get to ALFMED ?
Perpignan is accessible by air and train. Perpignan has its own international airport and is located within a reasonable distance from aiports in Paris, Toulouse, Barcelona and Montpellier. French cities are served by the fast and efficient TGV high speed train. ALFMED is easy to find as it is located in center town just down the street from the train station. See Location and Access.

> How will i find a place to stay ?
ALFMED takes care of the lodging, it is included in the price of the package. During the reservation phase students are free to choose their lodgings based on budget and individual need. Our quality lodgings are available with roomates or in a studio appartment. See Your stay.

> How far will I live from where i go to school ?
All of the lodgings are accessible within 15 minutes by foot from the academy. They are located in the historical center of Perpignan. This insures the students can have a social life and are able to access the bus network (city and beach), the train and the airport. However, all appartments are accessible by foot and bike. See Location and Access.

> How do cell phones work ?
European cell phones do work, however this can end up being rather expensive. SFR, ORANGE, BOUYGUES amongst other companies offer ‘pay as you go’ at affordable rates. Long distance calling cards are also widely available at convience stores throughout Perpignan.

> How many meals are included ?
The basic package includes two meals a week at the University of Perpignan restaurant. Typical fare includes hot regional dishes, pizza, pasta and grilled foods. Living downtown, groceries stores and bakeries are close.

> Will I have the opportunity to go to the campus?
You are free to take advantage of the two meals a week at the university restaurant. In addition to the meals you are also free to use the university’s library and sporting facilities. By bus it is just at 12 min from the downtown.
10.000 students live in Perpignan.

> Will i be able to check my emails ? and surf on the web ?
ALFMED building is equipped with 15 computers which are at the students’ free disposal during the week. Some apartments are equipped with internet access. See Pedagogic Resources.

> What should I bring ?
We at ALFMED recommend a mix of summer and winter clothing. Although Perpignan is a temperate area, strong winds make necessary heavy sweaters and the like. During the year, any kind of sporting activities are possible : water sports, mountain treks, canoeing, skiing, bicycling, equitation, golf …etc The physical diversity of the location will allow you to choose your activity. See Climate.

> Will I be in contact with french students and families ?
As a result of living and taking classes in downtown Perpignan you will be naturally inclined to meet French people. In addition you will have the opportunity to meet students of various nationalities. Also during your four month stay you will spend two weekends with a French family to further your progress and enhance your immersion. Combination programs will allow you to meet french people during your activities. See Combination programs and Week-end in a family.

> Are there week-end trips ?
ALFMED organizes day long trips during the week with your class? Weekend trips can also be organised with the help of ALFMED at the request of the students, such as wineries, abbeys, castles, ski trips, museums etc… One weekend in Barcelona is included in the four month package. Although, being in Perpignan allows the student to travel to various locations throughout France and Europe, both easily and cost effectively. See Tourism and Art de vivre.

> What is the food like ?
You will have the opportunity to savor many delicious French dishes while in Perpignan. However, at our many supermarkets you will definitly find foods to fit your various tastes, be they American, Asian or Vegetarian, for example.

> How much spending money should I bring per month ?
For the average students daily spending needs they should plan to budget 300 euros per month. However this discludes eating at restaurants and going to nightclubs which can, not suprisingly, be more expensive. Perpignan in general is a very reasonably priced city, 40% less expensive than Paris!

> What do I need to be able to come to France ?
You may need a student visa to enter France. Please contact your local French Embassy for further details. See Your stay.

> What can ALFMED do for me in this regard?
ALFMED will arrange your inscription to help you in getting your visa and will also help you in any way during your stay. See Your stay. See also http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/thema/dossier.gb.asp?DOS=GETTINGAVISA

> Will I get credits from ALFMED ?
At the end of your stay you may write and of the TEF, DELF or DALF exams; there are the three main French language certifications, which are internationally recognized. They are all issued by the French ministry of education.

> Will I be able to change levels during my stay ?
Yes. Written and oral tests are given throughout the stay to allow students to progress based on their individual abilities. Teachers will support you.

> When are the school fees due ?
When you reserve your place at ALFMED you must pay 30% of your tuition ; the balance is required at least two weeks prior to your arrival.

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