Florence Delseny-Sobra

Florence Delseny-Sobra

Managing Director

Léa Marty

Internship Referent

Alexandra Deit

International Projects coordinator

Nadia Ackermann

Cultural Coordinator

Virginie Martin

Responsible for Continuing Education

Nataliya Malakhova

Referent Pedagogy and Mobility
Our FLE (French as a Foreign Language) Teachers


French Teacher


French Teacher
Nathalie Laulhère

Nathalie Laulhère

French Teacher
Our Foreign Language Teachers

Robert Gaffney

English Teacher

Anna Spencer

English Teacher

Merce Baraut

Spanish & Catalan Teacher

The student is taken care of from his or her arrival at the airport or train station by a supervisor and dedicated teachers who will enable the student to make the stay worth while from all points of view.
A trilingual administrative staff, always available, supervise students in all their activities and during various stages of their stay.

The student is taken care of from his or her arrival

All of our FLE teachers’ mother tongue is French and they are holders of university diplomas FLE (Français Langue Etrangère [French as a Foreign Language]). They take active part in all stages of the learning, as far as courses are concerned, of course, in order to improve the performance of each student irrespective of his or her level, but also in accompanying students throughout their stay at our Academy in Perpignan.

Individual or shared lodging, organized visits, immersion week-end in a French family, all practical details are covered by the Academy in order to allow the student to concentrate on the objective of his or her stay: to learn the French language and absorb French culture.

Finally, the Academy can help match students with part time jobs (baby-sitting, foreign language courses…).


French lessons with Alfmed™

Our experienced native FLE teachers will help you to…

  • measure your ability depending on the means they will use. The first interview and some tests will allow us to define whether your memory is based upon “what you hear” or “what you read”
  • estimate your needs and define targets regarding how you will use French
  • assess the right methods to help you “release your hidden French skills”!!