ALFMED Acommodation Offer

The choice and the follow up of the accommodations are put in place directly by ALFMED. Florence Delseny Sobra is in charge and is assisted by our coordinator, to enable ALFMED to give its students full satisfaction.

ERASMUS+ students are accommodated in our 3 Erasmus Residences.

Our Erasmus Residences are self-catering houses where students can experience living in France immersed in a European community of learners.

  • Easy logistics : All Residences are located 5 mn away from ALFMED, in the city center of Perpignan, close to shops/ supermarkets, close to public laundry, directly accessible to public transport hubs (train -city bus – county bus), close to social life of our university city (10 000 students at Perpignan University).
  • Easy life : Each Residence is fully equipped: shared kitchen – bathroom – toilets . Twin and single bedrooms available that are furnished, linen pillows and duvet are provided. Our Gouvernante cleans common spaces on a weekly basis. Wifi and full comfort. No extra charges
  • ALFMED Accommodation Offer


Erasmus Residence DE GAULLE

  • 1 Triple bedroom with 3 single beds
  • 2 twin bedroom with 2 single beds
  • 1 single bedroom
  • bathroom, toilet, kitchen
  • garden, WIFI

 Erasmus Residence VENISE

  • 4 single bedrooms with either a single bed or a double bed
  • 1 twin bedroom (2 single beds)
  • bathroom, toilet, kitchen
  • garden, WIFI, TV

Erasmus Residence MATHURIN

  • 2 twin bedrooms (2 single beds) on the ground floor
  • 2 twin bedrooms (2 single beds) and 1 single bedroom on the first floor
  • 3 bathrooms, 2 toilets, large kitchen
  • dining room
  • garden, WIFI, TV


  • 1 or 2 single beds
  • bathroom, toilet, kitchen
  • laundry

Apartment RICHEPIN

Richepin ground floor and second floor

  • 2 single bedrooms + 2 single bedrooms
  • bathroom, toilet, kitchen
  • garden, WIFI

Student Residence CASTILLET

  • 4 single bedrooms
  • private bathroom and toilet, microwave and fridge
  • kitchen
  • WIFI
  • laundry

Student Residence Cerdagne

  • 2 single bedrooms with a double bed
  • bathroom, toilet, kitchen, living room
  • dining room
  • terrace
  • WIFI

Resort Malibu Village

  • 1 to 3 twin bedrooms
  • bathroom, toilet, kitchen, terrace
  • laundry

Room in a guest family

  • a twin bed
  • bathroom, toilet
  • access to the kitchen, the laundromat, dining room